Welcome to EPIC Green Solutions

EPIC Green Solutions is a Water Management solution company specializing in highly efficient sub surface irrigation and drainage systems. The technology of EPIC Green Solutions has been changing the face of water management for more than 10 years.

A brief history of EPIC Green Solutions

Coming from the United States of America as Rehbein Environmental Solutions, EPIC Green Solutions has now purchased the rights to the technology and products. We pride ourselves on our innovative, simple and economical solutions in residential, industrial and commercial installations including world-class facilities such as the Nelson Mandela Stadium for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and NFL fields in the United States of America.

Our patented core technology is based on the Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC) water management system, which combines the world's most efficient irrigation and drainage system through non-pressurized, gravity driven, capillary physics of washed sand via direct interface of the EPIC subsurface pipe that never clogs.

The Early Days in the News