Green Parking

Green Parking Solutions are in high demand in today's market. Whether it be to ensure a cooler environment, for aesthetics or to serve a dual purpose – such as a sporting field and a car park, EPIC Green Solutions have the very best technology to facilitate any Green Parking requirement.

EPIC’s Green Parking solutions provide an opportunity to decrease hard surfaces, improve storm water management and enhance the developable area of a site. Our green parking solutions allow for use in any climate. Netlon’s Advanced Turf System (ATS) and Netpave – 50/25 are durable and functional green parking surfaces that can support vehicles up to 80 000 lbs. When used along with the EPIC System™, green parking solutions can also provide superior drainage, enhance storm water management and sub surface irrigation for turf grass.

The benefits of the EPIC Green Parking Solution

EPICs Parking Solutions, lower ambient air temperatures, reduce the Urban Heat Island effect, decrease energy and air conditioning use and provide for sophisticated water management solutions. With this application, pollutants from cars also soak into the soil and are filtered out by the EPIC System™. The lots release oxygen and cool the air while also consuming carbon dioxide.

EPIC Green Parking Application using Netpave technology

EPIC Green Parking Application using Netpave technology.

The flow of water through the EPIC System and to the grass roots

The flow of water through the EPIC System and to the grass roots.

Murry Field Soccer Field, Scotland

Murry Field Soccer Field, Scotland.