Green Roofs

Muellner Green Roof System

The functional and aesthetic benefits of Green Roofs are becoming more recognized throughout the world. The EPIC Green Roof system is based on a multi layer system that can be adjusted depending on requirements, weight and usage. The Muellner Green Roof System from EPIC Green Solutions, uses a unique combination of light weight materials and the EPIC System™ for water control and plant irrigation, while providing effective insulation for the building onto which it is installed. This application is frequently commissioned for use on commercial building rooftops

The benefits of the Muellner Green Roof system

The Muellner Green Roof allows for a Multi-Functional Green Space that utilizes an intensive Green Roof Profile (14” deep). Our system is 50% lighter than other Intensive Green Roofs and has a fully saturated profile of 80 lbs./sq. ft. The Muellner Green Roof uses 50-85% less water with non- pressurized subsurface irrigation. The application also reduces pollution and can manage massive stormwater volumes. Finally, the Muellner Green Roof can direct, manage and re-use rainwater and can also re-use greywater without human exposure.

Installation of foam stage

Installation of foam stage.

An EPIC green roof installation – Minneapolis, USA

An EPIC green roof installation – Minneapolis, USA.

An EPIC green roof installation – Bookman Stacks

An EPIC green roof installation – Bookman Stacks.