Our Vision

To be the premiere Water Management solutions company specializing in highly efficient sub surface irrigation and drainage systems.

Our Mission

We will achieve our Vision by:

  • Identifying and developing the best technologies. EPIC Green Solutions will present economical and environmentally sound water solutions by addressing its conservation, filtering and management, in the global market.
  • Ensuring the well being of our employees and clients by facilitating the provision of safe and encouraging work environments, adhering to regulations at all times and ensuring the provision of the highest quality service and product.
  • Acting with the environment in mind at all times to ensure sustainability now and for future generations to come.

Our Values

Innovation is Everywhere. EPIC Green Solutions is an innovative company. Creativity and curiosity are a way of life and are supported by all staff in all departments. We are constantly identifying new applications of the EPIC System™ and new water management technologies.

Quality is Key. EPIC Green Solutions understands that quality is what our customers want. Our team members focus on providing exceptional quality in all that they do − in the office, in the lab and in the field.

Vigilance. Product leaders are vigilant. Our team is always watching. Watching trends. Watching competitors. Watching customers. Watching the environment. EPIC Green Solutions employees will see the opportunity first and take the necessary steps to evaluate its viability.

Idea Sharing. EPIC Green Solutions employees listen to one another and encourage all employees to bring their ideas to the board room.

Empower. EPIC Green Solutions employees are empowered to make things happen. They are given the tools they need and the liberty to make decisions that will move an idea, a task or a project forward.

Relationships. EPIC Green Solutions employees make a difference by developing and managing customer relationships in a friendly and professional manner. EPIC Green Solutions clients never forget the exceptional service they received from EPIC Green Solutions staff.

Cooperation. Our employees work as a team. The power of the group exceeds the power of one. This value supports our innovative efforts, our consistent delivery of excellence and our ability to live balanced lives.

Making a difference. Our employees believe in what they do and enjoy doing it. They appreciate the opportunity to make a living by making a difference. With this attitude, our employees “get the job done” by being responsible for departments and functions that are critical to the success of the organization.

Live Green. EPIC Green Solutions is driven by a desire to protect our environment. This attitude is consistent in how we address our client’s needs, how we attend to our workspace − inside and out, and in how we live our daily lives.

Perspective. EPIC Green Solutions is a family company with family values. While business is important, family and personal health are of prime importance. Our team members assist one another to live healthy balanced lives.

Stewardship. Every single person at EPIC Green Solutions is where they are, in part, because of the support of some person, group or organization. The same is true for our company. At EPIC Green Solutions, we understand that giving back is more than a part of business; it’s a way of life.