Netpave®50 & 25 Grass Parking Pavers

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, the Netpave 50 & 25 coming in two thicknesses, 50 mm and 25 mm, provides an attractive, light weight, easy to use, durable solution for grass or gravel parking and pedestrian uses. The Netpave 50/25 has a flexible shape can be cut to fit uneven and irregular surfaces. It is strong enough to support heavy vehicles and its permeable characteristics allows water to flow through the surface.

Netpave applications

  • Parking lots and access routes combining aesthetics with stability
  • Multiuse spaces where people and vehicles share space
  • Multiuse spaces where aesthetics and function for storm water treatment are desired
  • Netpave is suitable for: Permanent and overspill car parks, drives, walkways and cycle routes, fire and service access roads and helipads.
The Netpave 50

The Netpave 50

The Netpave 50 installed

The Netpave 50 installed.

Green parking using Netpave 50

Green parking using Netpave 50.